Tune In — 2 Comments

  1. Hey there Ruby…..

    We enjoyed having your work in th window of Olympia Coffee.

    You Said “ANYWAY, after 7/31, the Observer then was in the hands of my “handler,” Olympia Arts Commissioner Patti M , who put the Observer at Mansion Glass for a few days, then Olympic Coffee Roasters,”

    But alas it is Olympia Coffee, just like the town we live in. We also have a website to check out at

    Thanks again for the oportunity to share in the Here today show.

    Terry Ziniewicz

  2. Hey Terry, you can blame my handler for calling it olympic coffee roaster…. BUT I will change it and link it appropriately! thanks again for letting it hang out there, I am waiting for Patti to send me some photos so I can post them, until then, love, etc Ruby