Who Wore it Better — 12 Comments

  1. Ouch, tough call, both bring something to the table, but like the side panel peekaboo view on Ruby’s more, but like Robin’s sex-kitten pose & accessorizing w/ the ‘bust’ (no pun intended). Have to say it’s a draw. Love the outfit, tho, whoever designed it!
    XX K

  2. I think Rayona looks way more wonderful than I do in that outfit, but you are all just too kind to say so! I think I will work on a Wonder Corset next.

  3. It’s a tough call because each has her own particular sexiness as stated by Kelly. Overall presentation, including lighting, camera angle, pose – I vote for Ruby.

  4. MMmmrrrooew….

    yah, we’re both sexy…..
    (you shoulda seen the striptease!)

    But ir’s RUBY who rocks the wonder (bread) bra and half slip.

    she’s haute

    but Ruby, go to the source for your trash! stop eating that crap!

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