Anxious Objects — 3 Comments

  1. Okay, I regret using the word “compelling.” Twice. In one post. I feel so tongue-tied these days. But isn’t that a great pic of Marita with Jessica’s dolls? love, etc Ruby

  2. Well, despite your “compelling” abuse, excellent post Ruby. The Diane Arbus comparison is particularly nice given the mitt holding that book.

  3. I just finished reading a bio on Diane Arbus, I couldn’t put it down, weirdly fascinating and inspiring life even if it didn’t end well for her.

    Jessica is inspiring, too (but I don’t think she is as depressed/suicidal as Arbus, nor is she as wealthy or famous, for that matter).
    You can see more pics of Jessica Geiger’s show (taken by her uncle) at:

    love, etc Ruby