Make Art: Olympia Dumpster Diver Bil Landfill Fleming‘s recycled art installation at the Capitol Theater continues to get noticed; Alec Clayton reviews it in the Volcano HERE.

Sweet Wishes On the Wall by Diane Kurzyna

Learn how to transform candy wrappers into Sweet Wishes fairies with ODD Diva Diane Kurzyna; more information HERE and HERE.

Whirligig just opened and is already getting good press in The Olympian and the Volcano.

GO Green, GO! Green Graffiti.

Not Waste: Have you seen Manufactured Landscapes yet? Awesome, overwhelming, eye opening, depressing…and very beautiful in an eerie way. Truly a trashy art film.

Mimes with props are appearing in Olympia, I don’t know anything else about them. Saw them dragging around ladders yesterday; please make them go away.

Olympia WA 10-26-07 by Ruby Re-Usable

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