Plenty o’ Plastic Posts — 6 Comments

  1. I like these plastic bag polar bears a lot, they are an interesting exploration of materials; these Procession of the Species paper mache polar bears are just too cutesy, but then again, the latter aren’t really meant to be sculpture, they are props in a home spun, Americana parade, maybe I shouldn’t compare oranges and apples … Thanks for the information about the Recycled Sculpture and other plastic bag posts. UM

  2. Thank you for checking out Olympia Dumpster Divers, Mike! Let me know if you see any more interesting images of polar bears, until then, love, etc Ruby

  3. yes, seems like the London Zoo show has been getting quite a lot of attention, and the plastic bag polar bear and cub is one of the most featured sculptures!

  4. hey thanks, Little Shiva! Yes, we all love the bears, but now I want to see a plastic bag Goldilocks!!