Mandy Greer at Bellevue Art Museum — 5 Comments

  1. Hi there,

    This is Tanja, BAM’s marketing & PR gal. Thanks for taking the time to visit Bellevue Arts Museum to see the Mandy Greer exhibit. It’s always nice to hear people’s feedback, especially when it’s positive:-)

    Hope to read more of your trips to BAM soon:-)


  2. thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment, Tanja, I grow so weary of the spam that tries to get left here, I have taken to shutting down the comments after about a month. AND I DO hope to make it up to BAM to check out the Sheri Markovitz exhibit, and to hear Dina Barzel’s lecture on August 1, until then, love, etc Ruby

  3. Makes me think of an underwater world and upside-down seamonkeys in a good way. I’ve heard such good things about Mandy Greer from friends. I look forward to checking her installation in person.

  4. hey Jenny, let us know what you think about the MG installation at BAM! ps love your tin portrait of Alan Lau! love, etc Ruby

  5. Jen Graves at The Stranger wrote more about Mandy Greer’s show at Bellevue Arts Museum HERE

    but she seems to have had a different experience than the one Jan and I had … I remain blown away by the “rain forest” feel of the crazy crocheting, and if it had been all neat and tidy crafty stiches, it would not have been as exciting and eerie.