Call 4 Recycled Art in Everett — 7 Comments

  1. hey bubba z, how ya doin’? thanks for the pic of the Lyndhurst Diner, got any pics of the Arlington Diner? love, etc jgie (jersey girl in exile) Ruby

  2. IM OK. I was almost killed in February. Some drunk asshole driver from Lacey drove his Ford F150 into me while was crossing the street. My legs are messed up right now. I got no ACL in my left knee, and it just flops around.

    Im going back in October. Time to visit the family and all of my Catholic raised friends who are in AA. There is like a whole AA subculture going on back there with all of my Irish friends.

    6 days with my grandma in Ironbound. She’s 84 now and im thinking this may be my last trip to her house. Hopefully not. I will be eating out every day because Newark has the best restaurants in America hands down.

    My diner preference is of course:

    I love where Tops Diner is located. Lots of cool old factories and metal bridges. That whole area along McCarter Hwy (21) is becoming gentrified. Lots of new stuff going in. They also extended the Newark City Subway.

    There are some Newark blogs out there:

    Me and my kid watch alot of Sesame Street together. I like this song here:

  3. hey Patrick, lets take this conversation elsewhere, like to the Reef or ? (I’m buying) or via e-mail: rubyreusable (at) gmail (dot) com

    I prefer to post comments here that are about the topics … so if you get any pics of NJ dumpsters, recycling and/or garbage trucks, recycled art (of course), or the garbage museum in Lyndhurst, or even the graffiti on 21 or elsewhere, please DO share them!

    glad to hear that you are ALIVE, love, etc Ruby

  4. My bad, it is the TRASH Museum in Lyndhurst, NJ (it used to be called the Garbage Museum, but that is officially in Stratford, CT), that calls attention to the Hackensack Meadowlands trashy past, its been around for some time now!

    I took my kids there before we had a digital camera, I will have to scan those pics and post them sometime!