Seattle“™s Center: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The ultimate in reuse, The Seattle Center has enjoyed a long life at the heart of the city“™s public entertainment infrastructure. This piece was created as public discourse on its future occurred.

The 2008 Think Green Event challenge, sponsored by the Salvage Studio (Edmonds, WA) was to make a piece of art work that incorporated everything in a “kit,“ including the bag:

“¢ brown paper bag
“¢ ReSources December 2007 newsletter
“¢ Monopoly money
“¢ light switch
“¢ 2 beer caps
“¢ countertop samples
“¢ metal door stop
“¢ 2 metal hard discs
“¢ 4 wine corks
“¢ a key
“¢ door knob
“¢ lock mechanism
“¢ paperweight
“¢ glass discs
“¢ fabric sample
“¢ bubble wrap
“¢ plastic bag
“¢ mirror
“¢ hinge
“¢ assorted metal plumbing and construction components

In creating this diorama in a suitcase ““ I added, from my own stash:

“¢ plastic check file

“¢ metal pen parts
“¢ underwear tags
“¢ sushi “grass“
“¢ a key
“¢ waxed thread, wire
“¢ a CD
“¢ ball chain
“¢ a broken plastic Slinky
“¢ plastic comb binding
“¢ 2 corks
“¢ cabinet handle
“¢ glitter (that I“™ve had since junior high, I think!)
“¢ a battery (right out of the smoke detector!)
“¢ misc. plastic and metal items of unknown origin

Here“™s how it was constructed:
“¢ Decoupaged torn pieces of the brown paper bag onto the plastic file to create the suitcase.
“¢ Sky – newsletter was pulped to form the sky, Monopoly money for the rainbow and cloud
“¢ Skyline – countertop samples with assorted metal pieces
“¢ Sun – two bottle caps glued and glittered
“¢ Totem – lock mechanism, two keys and some metal pens parts
“¢ International Fountain ““ mirror, plumbing valve, spring and pink-coated electronica wire
“¢ Grounds ““ fabric sample, glass discs, paperweight, sushi “grass“
“¢ Space Needle ““ everything else!

99% Reused or Recycled Materials – I did purchase a small craft light which is operational (using the switch in the sky) at the top of one building ““ who could resist?!

Cheri Kopp Seattle, Washington