Ask an Olympia Dumpster Diver: Flestering — 3 Comments

  1. ps
    in case you did NOT follow the link provided in the post, here is the official Bob Johnson/River Cubes definition of flesters:

    A word derived from the memory of a cartoon,ª flesters are discarded things, “found objects,” any “thing” at all that we presume to be in some way isolated from its context… Fragments of formerly functional contrivances, flesters are touted as universally useful objects. By making manifest symbolic, intellectual, and social dimensions of discarded things, flestering encourages promiscuous and proliferative notions of function & utility. Exhibit A (PDF) The theory of flesters affirms flestering as a practice closely related to bricolage…

    Personally, I prefer Bricolage Bil or Bil the Bricolager Fleming or “Found it along the freeway Fleming” or suggestions??