Olympia Fall Arts Walk 2008 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Ruby, love the pix! Very nice Rapunzel. I think you should try for the artwalk map cover. Already looking forward to the Walk in Spring. I saw your pix on the artyard in Centralia. Definitely have to go there sometime! I just saw a movie I think you’d like called The Gleaners and I. Google it. Anyway, gotta go.

  2. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Whoever did the art work with the stick (or comb,etc..)with the tag saying how cool it was and that you really must own it. Those were genius and I wish I bought one. I wish I took a picture of them.

  3. hey Matt, thanks for checking out ODD! David Scherer (pictured above) is the genius behind the combs and sticks, I believe you can purchase some of his stuff at Archibald Sisters or by phoning the FLAT-WIN company.

    ALSO, thank you for suggesting that my art work should grace the Arts Walk map cover; in fact, it already has! Check it out HERE, it was on the City of Olympia Spring Arts Walk 2004 cover, and the original art work is now part of the City of 0’s portable art collection, on view at the north entrance to the Olympia Community Center, right by the Dale Chihuly (for realz).