Happy Earth Day! — 3 Comments

  1. … thought about holidays some more, and realized the reasons I love holidays are special food, and presents. SO is there any Earth Day food? And where are my presents??

  2. We should all be locavores on Earth Day – eating food produced close to home! As for presents, perhaps we can all exchange little art treasures we’ve made from trash – not all that creative a thought – oh well!

    I don’t think I ever complimented Ruby and her co-jurors on the fabulous Seattle ReStore show. I am honored to be included in such creative company. Jason, Sebastian, Blowing Sands Gallery and the lady who hung the show did an amazing job. I saw you across the room at the opening soire but was deep in conversation with Brett and you had left by the tme I went looking for you.

    Can you give Jenny F my email address? Generally speaking, all of my art is from my own trash and I’m more than a little cautious about accepting from others but those pesky caps and lids get under my skin.

    Happy creating, Cheri

  3. thanks Cheri, and I will pass your info on to Jenny F, congrats again on being part of this and other recycled art shows, I enjoy seeing your work!