Day de Dada: Reduce – Reuse – Recreate


Ruby Re-Usable is sending some recycled art to Staten Island to be re-imagined Dada-style, and there is still time for you to participate, too (via Day de Dada):

Do you have extra art that you’re not using? Maybe you have some leftover concepts in the closet or cluttering up the basement of your mind.

Here’s your chance to reduce, reuse, and recycle your extraneous art. Bring your leftover canvases, sculpture bits and unused creative ideas to Van Duzer Days on Saturday August 1st and work together with Artists from Day de Dada to create a masterpiece of repurposed art.

It will be live, it will be creative, it will be videotaped, it will be Dada!

Join us at “Van Duzer Days” on Saturday August 1st from 1:00 to 4:00 on Van Duzer Street between Wright and Beach Streets, Staten Island. Van Duzer Days is part of Summer Streets NYC and is sponsored by SIcolab.

While at Van Duzer Days also check out We-Cycle – A community upcycling bike advocacy installation.