Go Green for St Patrick’s Day


Go Green repurposed plastic bag art doll by Ruby Re-Usable

We here at Olympia Dumpster Divers believe in going green everyday, of course, but on this day when (almost) everyone is into the wearing of the green (or something like that), we will celebrate some green-themed art:

We don’t know if Patrick Dougherty is Irish or Scottish or what, but we loved his installation at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and think this one in France is appropriate for St Patrick’s Day …


  Sortie de Cave by Patrick Dougherty, photo by Charles Crie



photo by Courtney Blethen/The Seattle Times

The designers at Haute Trash wear their love of the green on their sleeves, and everywhere else, for that matter … and on April 17, they will be strutting their stuff for the Seattle Re-Store’s 9th annual Recycled Art and Fashion Show at the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard (ticket info HERE)

Okay, we could go on forever about green art and art critics named Green, green blogs, green living, green shopping, Green Drinks, etc, but it is time to go purchase some green shamrock-shaped bagels