Tape People

Jason “enpen” Taellious has created a slide show for Ruby Re-Usable’s HERE TODAY project, which you can view here. Meet the models for the tape sculptures, and see downtown Olympia through an artist’s eyes; more about HERE TODAY here.

Tape Sculpture in Olympia, WA by Diane Kurzyna, 2006

Ms Re-Usable is not the only artist to practice the fine art of tape sculpture; Mark Jenkins is the god of tape sculpture around the world, and there are others who create with tape and leave them outside for the delight of unsuspecting passers-by here in Olympia:

Tape Sculpture Legs in Olympia, WA

Holly Senn in Belltown

Olympia: I live in Olympia, but I’m from New Jersey (I don’t expect much), and I was feeling kinda homesick when MadCat Joey sent me this link. I swear, it looks like parts were filmed in my hometown, I can’t believe Chunky Pam doesn’t mention Kearny by name. So then I searched for an Oly vid, and found this. Is Olympia really this boring?

Dumpster: Do they still say surfing the web? While Ruby Re-Usable was bebopping around the blogs, she was flattered to discover that Recycled Craft Gossip had a post featuring RR-U and Olympia Dumpster Divers, too.

Divers: Have you been to Belltown in Seattle lately? Did you see Textural, the installation by Holly Senn? You can view the podcast here. Holly also has art work at the EnviroHouse in Tacoma. Hey, how come no podcast for this show?

Anxious Objects

Ruby Re-Usable retrieved her four plastic wrap and tape sculptures from the Snohomish County Arts Council Gallery in Susan Russell in her teaching studioEverett on Thursday, and also went to see the Simply Recycling Art Show at the Arts of Snohomish Gallery in Snohomish. Confused? So was I, but it was fun to have lunch at Sisters in Everett with Susan R, Kim G-H, and Carie C, then visit Susan Russell‘s studio, home and the garage where she teaches art classes in Everett. The art show and the Farmers Market and the bakery that I forgot the name of in Snohomish were fun, too.

On Friday, Ms. Re-Usable hung out with Marita Dingus and Willie Cole at the Frye Art Museum Marita Dingus, who was teaching a 4-day mixed media sculpture class for teachers in conjunction with the “Anxious Objects: Willie Cole’s Favorite Brands” exhibit at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. Willie even came into the class to speak, as well as giving a tour of the exhibit, and later that evening did the Artist Conversation with Pamela McClusky. I was awed and inspired by the artist and his work; favorite quote: “I don’t live for the label” when asked what made him a regionalist from NJ; favorite piece: anything having to do with an iron, especially “Mother and Child.” Regina Hackett was less enthusiastic than moi about the show; she compared his “Wind Mask East” hair dryer piece unfavorably to Picasso’s “Bull” made from a bicycle seat. I am surprised that she did not compare his “Air in Remission” circle of hairdryers with The Art Guys “Suitcase Wheel,” which was shown at TAM a few years ago.

Ruby and Marita also had the time to check out Jessica Geiger‘s solo show “Fallen Through the Cracks: Outsiders and Renegades” at Visions Gallery. Marita commented that the way Jessica’s sculptures depict the people at the fringes of society reminded her of Diane Arbus‘ photos. You don’t want to look, and yet you can’t look away. Very compelling.

Marita Dingus at Jessica Geiger’s art show at Vision Gallery

Also compelling was Angela White’s cacophonous installation at Greg Kucera Gallery, which incorporates a variety of materials, including old turntables and string. Marita liked the way that it was conceptual and yet so low tech and utterly mesmerizing.

Stopped for coffee at the Top Pot, where we shared a pink feather boa doughnut before making an appearance at the Gage Academy for the Teen Intensive Art Exhibition reception. I was truly impressed by Marita’s students’ work and also by the fact that the live music for the event was a jazz trio that included Jherek Bischoff.

Now its back to the studio time: I have it all to myself while Jenny Macc is in Scotland for the Fringe Fest!

Recycled Art in the Pacific NorthWest

Okay, so this is Olympia Dumpster Divers, but there is not much to say about our recycled art activities right now. The Olympia Free Wall, on the other, has been happening, so make sure you check it out.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is the place to be for recycled art this summer:

There is the 5th Annual Iron Artist Sculpt-Off, with 10 teams of artists reusing materials in a timed competition to create recycled art masterpieces and help raise money for SCRAP, happening August 25.

Junk to Funk has a call to artists for the 2nd Annual Recycled Fashion Contest at the Wonder Ballroom. Rayona Visqueen and Nancy Judd flashed their trash on the runway last year, and Ruby Re-Usable intends to join those trashy ladies this time, and you should, too!

Cheryl Lohrmann has invited Ms. Re-Usable to be part of Leave No Plastic Behind part 2, a traveling art exhibit involving a community of conscientious individuals who agree to save every piece of non-curbside recyclable plastic for a period of three months and then transform it from mere waste into works of art.

George the Junkileptic and Ruby Re-Usable have re-art in the Tossed and Found show, which is currently traveling around Portland until December 2007.

Trudes Tango recommends Redux, which is a gallery of contemporary crafts that have in some way been reclaimed or reinvented through the use of recycled materials.

AND up north in Everett, the Simply Recycling Art Show at the Arts of Snohomish Gallery is happening this month, with goddesses of recycled art such as Kim Groff-Harrington and Rebecca DeVere.

Don’t forget about the Recycled Art Show at the EnviroHouse in Tacoma, open now through September 21, 2007.

Last but not least, the Frye Art Museum in Seattle has Anxious Objects: Willie Cole’s Favorite Brands, until September 3, 2007. In conjunction with this exhibit, Marita Dingus is teaching a mixed recycled media workshop this week, and Ruby Re-Usable visits the class on Friday, when New Jersey recycled artist Willie Cole will be there for the Artist Conversation series. Can’t wait to talk NJ trash with Willie!

wonder baby at the oly free wall dumpster