Recycled Artist: Steve Jensen

Okay, Steve Jensen is not usually on the list of artists in Seattle who work with recycled materials — he prefers naturally felled wood — but he was on the jury with Ruby for the Seattle RE Store’s Recycled Art Show 2011 (more about that soon), and he did show us some work that he made from repurposed packing crates:

steve-jensen-art-studio-seattle.jpgart on the wall in the studio of Steve Jensen

We went to visit Steve in his Capitol Hill (Seattle) studio earlier this month:


artists Russ Morgan, Lisa B and Stu Gullstrand, with Steve Jensen’s decorated sidewalk in the foreground

Unfortunately, Ruby’s camera battery needed to be recharged, so she did not get as many pictures as she would have liked.  Make sure you check out Steve Jensen’s website and read his artist statement; better yet, visit his studio or go see his art work in person (he is the artist that did the contemporary NW Stonehenge for the roundabout on Boulevard Road in Olympia, amongst other public art installations).


Steve Jensen talking about his work in his studio, 3/13/11

Recycled Art at SAM Gallery: Transformation(s)


curator Barbara Shaiman, artists Marita Dingus and Merrily Tompkins

So!  Not only did we go up north to admire the transformative art of Nick Cave at SAM last week, but we also attended the opening of Transformation(s) at the Seattle Art Museum Gallery.  Transformation(s) is a group show of sculptures, paintings, collages, and installations made from recycled/repurposed/reused/reclaimed materials, including cardboard toilet paper tubes:


artist Chris Crites with his series People I’ll Never Know

Curated by Barbara Shaiman, participating artists are Barbara Barnes Allen, Chris Crites, Marita Dingus, Julie Lindell, Fred Lisaius, Patrick LoCicero, Kelly Lyles, Daphne Minkoff, Stephen Rock, and Merrily Tompkins.  Transformation(s) is up until April 8, 2011


 encaustic collage by Daphne Minkoff

The show got a shout out on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy at the 20:49 mark; see more of Ruby’s pics from Transformation(s) HERE

Recycled Artist at SAM: Nick Cave


Ruby met up with Marita to see Meet Me at the Center of the Universe, the exuberant exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum featuring the soundsuits of artist Nick Cave.  Cave utilizes recycled materials/thrift store finds, including doilies, crocheted afghans, ceramic figurines, plastic and tin toys, stuffed animals, sequined dresses, human hair, buttons, beads, and other ordinary stuff to create extraordinary costumes that can be worn for performances but are also mesmerizing as sculpture.

Read more about this show in the Stranger/Jen Graves, Seattle Times/Michael Upchurch, Art Daily, and the Sunbreak/Michael van Baker