Art from Scrap

Last month we told you all about the art heist at Matter Gallery; unfortunately,  we have no updates to report as of yet.  This month we are posting about Matter Gallery again:  forty of Matter’s artists have work in the Art from Scrap exhibit at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.  Highlights of this exhibit include:

an assemblage by Vblast

She Weaves a Tangled Web by Vblast

a Mexican folk art-inspired piece by Loran Scruggs‘:

Our Lady of Bottle Caps by Loran Scruggs

a colorful baby by Ruby Re-Usable:

Crazy Quilt Plastic Patch Baby by Ruby Re-Usable

a plastic bag dragon by Bil Fleming and Christine Malek:

Polyethylene Fiend (detail) by Christine Malek and BIl Fleming

Art from Scrap runs February 3 – 28; see more pics HERE and HERE, read what Molly Gilmore wrote about this show in the Olympian and what Alec Clayton of the Volcano thinks (hint: he loves painting but doesn’t think the dragon is art) and then tell us about your favorite piece

The inspiration for this exhibit was the innovative and energetic Canadian group, ScrapArtsMusic, who performed at the Washington Center on 2/4/12

Recycle Art Thieves in Olympia


We have been remiss in reporting what is happening in the world of art from recycled materials!  Here it is, 2012, The Year of the Dragon, and we have already broken all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions … like drinking less/posting more often … although we do have a good excuse this time: the weather here in Olympia (snow, ice, rain and wind, in that order) caused major power outages, and so we have been without internet for several days (as well as without electricity, phone, etc, but the liquor cabinet was well-stocked).  And while the city was crippled from this storm, some art lovers thieves took advantage of the situation to break into our beloved Matter! Gallery and make off with two pieces of art made from repurposed media:

Tribute To The Concussed Skier by Jud Turner (50″ diameter)

Horizons II by Jerry Williamson (56″ height x 40″ width)

Sometime late on Friday evening (1/20/12), the burglars (at least two) bashed in one of the skylights and rappelled themselves into the gallery.  The thieves took the artworks out the back door and were in the process of removing two additional works (Pat Tassoni‘s Space Needle Coat Rack and Ruby Re-Usable‘s Green Trash Gyre Baby) when they were apparently interrupted. Olympia Police recorded footprints on the skylight, floors, and walls.  There are still no suspects, but the media has been paying attention to this unusual art heist.

Read all about it: The Olympian, ArtLyst, the Huffington Post, and the Register-Guard; see some news clips on Q-13 FOX News and KOMO News

IF you have any info, contact Jo Gallaugher:

Space Needle by Pat Tassoni and Green Plastic Trash Gyre Baby by Ruby Re-Usable

all photos by Robert Snell