Au Revoir, Matter Gallery

Matter Gallery is closing at the end of the month.  Matter has been part of the recycle art scene since September 2009, featuring art work made from repurposed, upcycled, and/or sustainable materials created by artists up and down the west … Continue reading →

Oly Arts Walk: recycle art review

"Salvage" nest by Cynthia Salazar and Joe Batt

Well, the weather for the Spring Olympia Arts Walk weekend was cold and damp mixed with rain and a little hail and then some rainbows, the usual Northwest fickle spring … not very conducive for wandering around admiring art.  However, … Continue reading →

Recycle Art Thieves in Olympia

space needle and green plastic gyre baby

We have been remiss in reporting what is happening in the world of art from recycled materials!  Here it is, 2012, The Year of the Dragon, and we have already broken all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions … like drinking … Continue reading →