Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair

Springtide Dancers at Olympia Center (without plexiglass cover)

Ruby Re-Usable has been reusing plastic bags in her art work since 1999 (Wonder Bread bags since 2000).  In 2004 she was commissioned by the City of Olympia to create a piece of art that would be used as the … Continue reading →

Khalil Chishtee

"Your success, my failure" by Khalil Chishtee

Just discovered Khalil Chishtee‘s compelling plastic bag sculptures: Khalil Chishtee is a Pakistani artist that uses trash bags to form and mold life. The sculpture’s poses of emotions release and brings out a connecting value that together allows our souls … Continue reading →

Upcycle Solstice/Happy Trashnukkah/Merry Trashmas


We here at Olympia Dumpster Divers would like to wish you an Upcycle Solstice, Happy Trashnukkah, Merry Trashmas and a Recycled Festivus for the Rest of Us!  This year, the eight days of Chanukkah coincide with the winter solstice and … Continue reading →