Remember/Do Not Forget by Diane Kurzyna

Remember/Do Not Forget

an on-going art installation by Diane Kurzyna at the Capitol Theatre, 206 E.5th AV, Olympia, WA

December 29, 2007 – February 2, 2008, free artist reception on Saturday, January 26th, 4 pm – 6 pm

Shoes have played a compelling role in culture and history. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and the glass slipper, or Dorothy and the ruby slippers, but do you remember what happened to the girl who danced in the red shoes?

Language is littered with references to shoes. We wait for the other shoe to drop, or try to experience life in another person’s shoes. One has big shoes to fill when she takes on a new challenge. There is the phrase, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

What do shoes mean to you?

Diane Kurzyna’s new installation is located in the garden alcoves of the Capitol Theater auditorium.

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For more information about art at the Capitol Theatre, contact Audrey Henley, theatre mangager and live events coordinator ( or Vanessa Lang, volunteer art curator ( at the Olympia Film Society: (360)754-3635.