Ruby enjoys parades (who doesn“™t?!) and POTS is Oly“™s own homespun version of like, Mardi Gras, if Mardi Gras was a one hour G-rated parade with lots of batik and tie dye and paper mache but no beads and amazing floats and jazz, just one samba band and lots of drums and earnest folks pushing baby strollers and riding bikes and having fun entertaining their neighbors and friends. We refer to it as “the running of the hippies,“ but we happily wave to everyone and wish them well. It is a cute, Americana-type event.

POTS sometimes does have a kind of religious fervor to it, only instead of a pre-Lent bacchanalian orgy, it is a dogmatic quasi-pagan display that has pretensions of being the ultimate in environmentalism, art, community, etc “¦ You can check out their website and read for yourself how they want to spread their pedantic, watered-down version of the Fremont Solstice Parade to the world HERE