The Black Front Gallery, Olympia, WA April 2008

In April of 2008, The Black Front Gallery presented a group show with a street art theme, which included Joe Penrod ‘s tape shadows, Adie Janci’s Legs Project, Diane Kurzyna aka Ruby Re-Usable’s plastic bag and tape sculptures, and five graffiti writers/artists who wished to remain incognito but created a mural as part of a fundraiser for DIAR. In the other room was new work by Skie Bender and an ambitious installation in the small room by Laura Sharp Wilson entitled “Busy.”

Danger and Ruby Black Front Gallery April 2008

Ruby Re-Usable created new figures for this exhibit that were in part homages to the graffiti artists of the Olympia Capitol Theater Free Wall and in part a series of self-portraits, as well as a continued exploration of materials and space.

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