Ruby Re-Usable in the Volcano — 2 Comments

  1. Also wanted to let my dear gentle readers know that A) I do have a BFA from the University of Washington, where I was in the fiber arts program studying mainly surface design. As Hazel Koenig’s teacher assistant, I taught coiled basketry, amongst other things, but I did not get into other kinds of weaving there. The light up basket described in the Volcano article was made much later; specifically, it was created for the Weaving Washington show at the State Capitol Museum in 1998. B) I really would starve if I depended on my art work and/or my teaching artist gigs to get me through, ’cause both are very unreliable sources of income. Fortunately, Ms. Re-Usable’s husband has steady employment. Well, there is more that I could explain, but you should simply come visit my studio where I can reveal it all! love, etc Ruby