Urban Art in Oly — 2 Comments

  1. Hi. Your link to “Leave No Plastic Behind” is to the Seattle Times, yet you say the story’s in the Everett Herald.

  2. Hey Regina, I am thrilled that you are leaving a message on my humble blog! The story is from the Oregonian (note the byline and location line: By Erin Hoover Barnett The Oregonian PORTLAND), but the link is from the Seattle Times… don’t ask me why…I imagine the Seattle Times picked up the Oregonian story, and since it was written by an Oregonian reporter, I figured I would give them credit!

    I mentioned the Everett Herald because of Sarah Jackson’s blog, Eco Geek (which I correctly identified as in the Everett Herald).

    THANKS for checking out my blog, I read yours every chance I get, and also your column on-line, too.

    Since I live in Olympia, I do not subscribe to the P-I, but I do read the print version of The Olympian every morning, I love newspapers and hope they never go away… the HBO series, The Wire, made me feel guilty for some how not supporting the press MORE, so I am sending all the love I can for now, love, etc Ruby