Happy Earth Day 2008 — 2 Comments

  1. Actually, tonight, the city of Olympia sponsored a free town hall meeting on wheels and community members were able to go to take a tour of the waste treatment plant, the springs where our city water comes from, and a tour of the Silver Spring Organics composting site near Rainier WA and then following the tour talk to city council members about their ideas for sustainability.

    I went to the composting site and it is was very informative and definitely made me want to compost.

  2. thanks for letting us know what we missed, Nichole! my Earth Day resolution: stay more informed about what is going on in Oly for Earth Day, love, etc Ruby ps wouldn’t it be great if there was some FUN Earth Day celebration happening on April 22? the bus tours sounded interesting and all, but not all that festive. I think holidays should incorporate joy as well as guilt!