Ruby Re-Usable presented a special 3 part workshop at The Evergreen State College for the Imagining the Body program, where she worked with over 80 TESC students and their 4 professors to create Identity Dolls from Detritus.  These dolls are now on display at The Evergreen State College Library until the end of winter quarter.

Ruby Re-Usable loves recycled art and she loves dolls, so finding a flickr group dedicated to Recycled Art Dolls was a dream come true; check it out HERE


Swiss Miss by M.A Enriquez aka urbanwoodswalker

While we were in Seattle the other week, we caught up with Kim Groff-Harrington and made plans for a recycled art doll trade.  We also have promised to trade with Jessica Geiger for one of her amazing and sometimes disturbing dolls.


Kim Groff-Harrington with her recycled bottle cap and tin art doll

Another reminder that Marita Dingus’ recycled art dolls are awesome!  And here is an interesting educational doll link sent to us from Laura Sharp Wilson: We Are All the Same Inside 


Recycled Art Dolls for December — 2 Comments

  1. Ruby you did it again. Your site is always an eye opener. I really enjoyed this post and my visit to the Imagining the Body site. Amazing & intriguing on a variety of levels. One of the benfits of 20th century modernism that we can view objects made from recycled materials as art. The art of found objects is democratic & accessible to all of us, potentially fraught with weight & meaning.

    “Toys have function; sculpture has meaning. We did not create just dolls; we created identity figurines out of personal mementos, found objects, and random trash.”

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year.