Ruby Loves Art for Housewives — 8 Comments

  1. mille grazie for the promo!

    what’s so incredible is that the world is full of talented women who are creating art that’s relevant, ironic and full of spirit…without them I wouldn’t have a blog.

    from make art, not trash to Synergy & Solidarity!

    a presto

  2. Cynthia, you really are an inspiration, I first found your blog while I still had dial-up, and would happily get lost in all of those links. I sent you pics of some of my work and you told me that I needed to start posting on Flickr, which I finally did last year (wish I had listened to you sooner, I really enjoy Flickr).

    And of course, now I have a blog, which was I started in 2006 to document my own project but soon realized that I am also interested in sharing and connecting with other artists who make art not trash!

    SO thank you for continuing to do Art for Housewives, love, etc Ruby

    (ps and thank you to ALL the bloggers who continue to post about art, poetry, trash, rubbish, garbage, waste and recycling, and also for leaving comments 😉