ODD Recycled Art Re-Cap & Calls for Recycled Art


The display of recycled art work by Stu Gullstrand (his Clown Mask is pictured above) and Ruby Re-Usable at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia, WA was written about in the Sunday Olympian — read Art Engages Children in Recycling by Molly Gilmore for more info (but since the article did not include pictures, go HERE to see some!)

We posted about our good friend, the amazing Marita Dingus, twice last month (for Black History Month and for her latest public art installation: Recycled Child); NOW we want you to view a video about Children of the Sea, Marita’s recycled art installation at the Douglass Truth Seattle Public Library

Remember when Olympia Dumpster Divers went to Tacoma on Valentine’s Day to see our friend Jenny Fillius’ latest recycled art?  Well, Art Zone’s Nancy Guppy also visited the EnviroHouse to see Jenny’s work, and it is the lead story in the 3/5/2010 Art Zone episode

Calls for Recycled Art

The EnviroHouse in Tacoma, WA has a call out for recycled art; deadline for this cycle is March 24, 2010, more info HERE

Desotorow Gallery in Savannah, GA, wants recycled art for a show entitled Redux; submission deadline is March 26, 2010, more info HERE

Icicle Arts and Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth, WA requests recycled art for a juried show, deadline is March 31, 2010, more info HERE

and last but not least, our friend Vernita N’Cognita will present another Art from Detritus recycled art juried show, this one will be at Pure Light Gallery in Turner’s Falls, MA, deadline is April 1, 2010, more info HERE


Recycled Art Alphabet Quilt by Ruby Re-Usable

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  1. I have just been introduced to your work and your wonderful world because I work (on a smaller scale) with using recycled materials in my kids studios at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia… and someone sent me your article link.

    I AM AN INSTANT FAN of Ruby Re-Usable…I love your wit and brilliant ingenuity…
    I immediately posted you into my blog side bar of artists I admire…thank you so much for the level of skill and talent that you are bringing to our beautiful albeit weary with trash world.

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