9th Annual ReStore Recycled Art & Fashion Show — 3 Comments

  1. The piece by Jo Braun is organic looking AND sophisticated, elegant even.
    Love Tick Tock Turn by Joline El-Hai, GREAT photograph too- wow.
    Looking forward to seeing snap shots of your dress on the cat walk.

  2. the piece pictured by Jo Braun is from last year’s ReStore Recycled Art Show (I couldn’t find a pic of this year’s entry, but it is also elegant — it uses nails and screws and washers)

    Joline’s work is gorgeous in person, but I was also struck by how well her work is photographed (will have to find out who her photographer is!)

    I look forward to seeing your new work in person, and will post pics of my plastic bag dresses from the show!

  3. ps
    I have been informed that it is the RE Store (not to be confused with the Habitat for Humanties’ ReStore)