Papa’s Got a Brand New (Reusable) Bag — 5 Comments

  1. well, THANKS, Cynthia! As always, “Art For Housewives” is the mother of all my blog inspirations 😉

    Now we want to know: WHAT is “Cynthia’s Purse” made of? Fused plastic bags with crocheted plastic bag handle, or ??

  2. You look great in your bag skirt. Fun idea to think about, great group of bags. There must be a joke there some where but I just can’t seem to pull it out of the bag.

  3. mmm, well, I get called a “Bag Lady,” (but haven’t been called an old bag, yet); Second-hand Sid noted that he was a Bag Man (which has a completely different connotation). and of course, we asked everyone: “What’s Your Bag, man … ” so sixties.

    Cynthia K e-mailed this info: Janet’s purse is made mainly from mozzarella bags. But I use all kinds of food packaging–frozen food bags work the best.
    Yes, I’ve tried fusing plastic but, like you, fear toxic fumes. Plus I don’t have the patience to stand there with the iron trying to get the right temperature. I prefer sewing the pieces of plastic together with needle and thread.