Christmas tree made from plastic bottles

(photo borrowed from creativityrecycled, more info HERE)

Our friend Urban Woodswalker sent us this pic of a colorful tree made from plastic bottles, which inspired Olympia Dumpster Divers to search for more examples of festive trees made from recycled materials:


 recycled plastic bottle Christmas tree in Sydney

(photo by gdanny)


a Christmas tree made out of recycled office water containers

(photo by RequiemDK)


 redneck Christmas tree made with aluminum cans

(photo by 2mnedolz)

For even MORE photos of Christmas trees made from recycled materials, check out Ruby’s flickr gallery of  X-mas trees from recycled materials HERE and The Huffington Post’s Funniest Alternative Christmas Trees HERE and ODD’s 2009 Trashmas post HERE

Merry Trashmas to All, love, etc Ruby


Merry Trashmas 2010 — 3 Comments

  1. wouldn’t it be fun to create a recycled holiday tree forest?! but in the Pacific Northwest winter, it might have to be indoors …