Trash Fashion ’11 Recap Part III: Ruby Salutes the Red, White & Blue — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Ruby – I loved the trio of fashion you presented this year. As I mentioned in my summary post (thanks for the link to it!), the early crowd took a while to warm up to the show. Your work got everyone in just the right mood.

    Your models were each so perfect for their outfits. I couldn’t tell what the bodice Laurette’s dress was made from (I guessed coffee filters) but was tickled pink to find out that it’s birch bark! I collect bark from our neighbors trees. It makes a beautiful book cover – I peeled the layers apart until I’m left with wispy thin pieces which can be glued easily to cardboard. It’s so beautiful.

    Next year, I’ll attend the later show and stay after in hopes of seeing some of the fashion up close!

  2. heya Cheri, glad you were at the fashion show this year, I was at BOTH shows, and I have to tell you, there is so much to take in, once is not enough!

    WISH we could find an appropriate venue to display these marvelous outfits (with title and description cards, etc) after the event, so that people can continue to admire them a little longer …

    Revivre’s birch bark bodice is sewn to an old frost blanket using the “couching’ method (hence the viney stuff on top of the birch bark), it really is beautiful (if a little more subtle than the other 2 outfits).

    ps found this interesting review about this show: Oh My Trash! Is That Recyclable? The Trash Fashion Show