Boo-yah!  Today is finally Decorative Dumpster Day, when dumpster diving divas from around the world celebrate their love of trash and the receptacles that hold it.  Well, we actually abhor trash with a passion, so much so that we spend our time making art out of it, wearing it, reading about it, blogging about it, and otherwise thinking of ways to reduce the amount of trash we live with … but today we specifically examine the object that represents it all for us, in art and in song:


Bumbershoot hosted the Seattle Street Biennale (more pics HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), which included lots of decorated dumpsters

The Olympia Film Society/Capitol Theater Free Wall has the most beloved dumpsters anywhere; they are painted and repainted and photographed almost everyday!  check out the Flickr sets of dumpster pics by dreamsjung and Ruby Re-Usable


And they called it Dumpster love
Oh, I guess they’ll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love them so …
from Dumpster Love flickr group

More dumpster lovin’ flickr groups that we belong to: Dumpster Art, Skips and Dumpsters, Dumpsters, dumpsters and garbage cans


Regina Hackett posted pics of dumpsters as art:  Dumpsters- the ultimate urban symbol


Rachel Maxi’s first dumpster painting

We found these 3 very different music videos about dumpster diving on You Tube:

Da Dumpsta Dive

Dumpster Diving by Castledoor

Dumpster Diving Diva song


Here’s to everyone around the world participating in Decorative Dumpster Day ’11, including our dumpster lovin’ friends at Everyday Trash, The Visible Trash SocietyLa Joie de Vivre, Beth Evans-Ramos, and Art for Housewives

ps the last time we officially celebrated Decorative Dumpster Day on ODD was May 1, 2009


Decorative Dumpster Day 2011 — 6 Comments

  1. I thought you might like the mending job one of my neighbors made on a trash bin.

  2. Laurie of the Avocado Jungle, THANKS for sending that flickr pic of the mended trash bin!

    and yes, Little Shiva, I <3 Rachel Maxi's dumpster paintings (Hopper-eque is a perfect description!), too (SOMEDAY I want to own one)