Beachcomber Fun Fair

Back in the beginning of this month, Second-hand Sid and Ruby Re-Usable joined Devon D Spazzatura on a trip to Ocean Shores, WA for the 30th annual Beachcomber Fun Fair.  There were displays of various kinds of beachcomber treasure, including glass floats, driftwood, shells, and tsunami debris; we even met John Anderson of John’s Beachcombing Museum.  But the highlight was talking with Flotsamist Dr Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who studies flotsam and publishes the Beachcombers Alert.

Dr Curtis Ebbesmeyer wearing his beachcombing necklace

Of course, being a trashionista, I was particularly fascinated by his Kamilo Beach (aka “Trash Beach”) flotsam and jetsam necklace, made by an Hawaiian artist (whose name I didn’t get) out of found beach trash and, according to Dr E, strung together with “used” dental floss.  He also explained his collection of “beach beans,” with my favorite being the ones that originally were from Ban Roll-On deodorant — totally appalling and yet visually appealing.  Check out more pics from our trip HERE.