Arts Day in Oly — 4 Comments

  1. I am so thrilled that this also got linked to the Hankblog! now if Gretchen will send me some pics of them when they were sitting inside of the Legislative Building, that would be great, people really do enjoy seeing them.

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  3. These figures were also in Art of the Written Word at the Arts Council of Snohomish County Gallery in Everett in June; they got a shout out on the Museum of Missoula art blog: Fix.Get Yours.

    they also were in Re-Store’s 5th annual recycled art and fashion show in Ballard last fall.

    they originally were part of HERE TODAY for the City of Olympia’s temporary art installations , and will continue to undergo various transformations and make more appearances (otherwise they just sit around collecting dust), so look for them in Portland next.