Marita Dingus: “Hanging from the Rafters” at BIMA

It is always amazing and inspiring to see what Marita Dingus is up to in her studio; last summer, I got a sneak preview of the 27 foot figure she was creating for the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art: Finally got to … Continue reading →

Happy Earth Day 2016

At Olympia Dumpster Divers, we, of course, believe every day is Earth Day, but we do appreciate the officially designated holiday as a way to emphasize and celebrate the love for Mother Earth. Here in Olympia, Washington, USA, there is the … Continue reading →

Plastic Bottles, Caps, and Bags: Recycle Art Installations of Barbara De Pirro

Our friend Barbara De Pirro has been busy working on her labor-intensive recycle art installations all over the Pacific Northwest. The amount of plastic bottles, plastic caps, and plastic bags that she crochets, weaves, staples, and strings together to create … Continue reading →

Guerrilla Recycled Art in Olympia

Olympia Dumpster Divers first read about Guerrilla Man in The Weekly Volcano (Hanging with the Mysterious Artist Guerrilla Man) back in November 2013. The Volcano named his work “Best Guerrilla Art” in Olympia 2014.  Then King 5 Evening News Magazine followed … Continue reading →

Olympia Earth Day Arts Walk

Happy Oly Arts Walk!  Olympia Arts Walk brings out the creativity in our citizens, and every year more folks are working with trash/recycled materials to make amazing art.  Here is a preview: Thurston County solid waste educator Carrie Ziegler and … Continue reading →

Aurora Robson’s environmental art

The otherworldly art of Aurora Robson: Aurora Robson: The Great Indoors At Rice University Art Gallery, New York artist Aurora Robson recycles 15,000 plastic bottles into one spectacular, room-sized work of art called The Great Indoors. Visitors enter the gallery through … Continue reading →

(Recycled)Art at Work in Tacoma: Holly Senn

     Tacoma artist Holly A. Senn is a sculptor and installation artist. She “explores the life cycle of ideas–the organic process in which thoughts have a genesis and then are disseminated, forgotten or referenced.”  A part-time virtual  reference librarian … Continue reading →