Olympia Free Wall — 3 Comments

  1. Ahh. I just love Olympia . Now it’s the procession of the Hippies? Ruby, did you fall off a roll of saran wrap and bruise your little brain, or did you not get invited to some paty or something? Ratty old batiks are art, and your stuff is (Art?). Actually my crazy grand mother knitted caps with old beer cans in them that were better art. Respect is respect, it’s something you need to learn, and the Arrowspace, for gods sake that was years ago, really, you need to move on. See ya at the procession!

  2. wow, terry, you sure did teach me some respect by dissin’ me and my work like that! Not sure why you think I am not allowed to have opinions on MY blog about art, but I would LOVE to have a knitted beer can cap, especially if it was made from Olympia beer, to wear at the POTS.

    Glad I was able to give you a laugh, Sarah, I can not claim to be the first (nor the last) to have ever called it the Procession of the Hippies (but if the Birkenstock fits…), thanks for linking me and also for the clues to the mystery heads, here’s to more posts about Oly alleys and street art!!

    IF anyone sees any cool recycled/re-used/tossed and found type art, send it my way and I will link and/or post it, thanks!