Green is the New Pink — 3 Comments

  1. hooray! the days are getting shorter. more time to stay inside and stitch by the fire. always love to visit your blog, ruby! i don’t know what that crazy thing is in the photo you posted today, but if i had one, i’d definitely put in on a shelf where everyone could see it.


  2. that is a 24″ sized pink plastic bag and tape baby doll, it is stuffed with repurposed bubble wrap, I had 2 baby dolls in the show at the EnviroHouse (along with some other art work) but then the powers that be decided that the baby dolls were too controversial, so they were pulled from the show, I am very disappointed because most folks LOVE those tape sculptures when they see them in person!

    well, keep on sitting and knitting, and I will keep on amusing with the reusing, love, etc Ruby