Olympia Dumpster Divers are everywhere! While Ruby Re-Usable is getting ready to debut 3 plastic bag and tape sculptures at Art on the Ave in Tacoma, other ODD-types have been spotted with their recycled wares in Olympia:

Pat Tassoni Upcycling by Ruby Re-Usable

Pat Tassoni is an amazing man. Not only is he a community activist, the director of the Thurston County Tenants Union, and a contributer to Works in Progress, but he is an artist that uses recycled metal stuff like hub caps to make desk lamps, clocks, and other futuristic-looking objects, which you can check out here. His ability to turn old remote controls into a wallet, a key holder, a switch plate and even cabinet draw pulls, won some contest in ReadyMade Magazine and will be included in the Aug/Sept issue. Pat was recently selling his wares at the Downtown Neighborhood Association street fair, where he told Ms Re-Usable: “Art should be shiny.” And we agree; just ’cause its recycled doesn’t mean it has to be all rusty and forlorn looking.


At the OlyBazaar, which was hosted by Black Front Gallery this month, I met another wonderful artisan working with recycled materials, specifically, bottle caps and candy wrappers turned into jewelery and other neat stuff. And while I didn’t get her name, she did give me a nice compliment AND a neat-o bracelet woven from colorful Starburst candy wrappers.

If you are an artist working with recycled materials, or know someone who does, and would like a mention on Olympia Dumpster Divers, leave some info on comments:


Art Should Be Shiny — 3 Comments

  1. Have you seen the clowns from Brasilia – Udi Grudi?
    They make all of their musical instruments from found materials, and give workshops to
    kids. When they came up for the Seattle Children’s Fest, one of them was wearing a gorgeous vest – turned out to be woven from potato chip bags.
    Here’s a short vid:

  2. I wanted to go up north for the Seattle Children’s Fest, but I was teaching school kids recycled art down here, so I missed it, THANK YOU for the youtube vid link! And thank you for visiting and leaving a comment, send more love and links soon, until then, love, etc Ruby