Blogging for Positive Global Change — 4 Comments

  1. It’s interesting to see who you’ve nominated. Art for Housewives is excellent, a fascinating blog – thanks for leading me there. The link for everyday trash doesn’t appear to be working though.

  2. thank you again, Crafty Green Poet, for nominating me, glad you were able to check out A4H and now the everyday trash site is up and running again, not sure what the glitch was. I look forward to seeing who else gets tag, what a great idea! love, etc Ruby

  3. Kalimera!
    thanks for the plug!
    am making only rare visits to internet cafes so my post related to The Tag will be somewhat slowly spreaded like butter on bread…..

  4. Looking forward to checking out your nominations (how will you limit it to 5?!), I will devour your post like a good Greek salad, until then, love, etc Ruby