Bil Fleming in the daily 0 — 6 Comments

  1. It’s not very polite to use the entire article content from your local paper. The etiquette is to use a paragraph or quote and a link. This isn’t just about copyright, the Olympian is part of the community too. Even if you think it’s got ugly ads, the Olympian still needs page views (and resulting advertising revenue) to keep writing articles so that people outside of the downtown aware of the great things downtown.

  2. Mea culpa! In the future, I will use a paragraph or a quote and then a link. I really appreciate it when the Olympian covers the cool stuff that happens downtown, and want to do my part to encourage MORE. But I do think that their particular site is nearly impossible to read with all of those obnoxious ads coming at you from all directions. I prefer to read the daily “0” at breakfast when it arrives at my doorstep every morning; I think it should be the duty of all Olympians to read the Olympian, either on-line or in print. And then they should check out OlyBlog and maybe the NY Times.

    love, etc polite and contrite Ruby

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