Aluminum Can Art — 6 Comments

  1. Aluminum is actually one of the few materials extracted from the earth that is 100% recyclable and economically so (financial cost of recycling is 5% of extraction cost, plus you’re not reducing the resource). Furthermore, unlike most materials, the reuse of aluminum is true recycling and not down-cycling. Using aluminum cans in artwork is great but should be done in a way that does not prevent the cans from eventually reentering the production stream – application of certain paints, adhesives, etc. can reduce a can’s viability as a recyclable material.

  2. Thanks, Anna, for the info. With all the attention on plastic bags and plastic bottles these days, folks might forget the importance of recycling aluminum. Send some links! love, etc Ruby

  3. Hi Ruby or anyone that can help me. I have just had an idea about making a Japanes Rain Chain out of aluminum cans and I am in the ‘thinking about it’ stage and wondering how I can macke a strong ,waterproof funtional piece of art workthat wont fall apart ar the fiist down pour ..Ha ha ha . it looks great in my minds eye and I have some ideas but I am a complete novice and would welcome any help you may be able to impart.
    Kindest regards

  4. hey Carol, wish we could help you out here, but I (Ruby) do not personally use aluminum cans (I am more of a plastic kind of gal), but perhaps someone somewhere will hear your call … I do suggest that you check out Aluminous Publications for some cool ideas on how to do your project with aluminum cans! and then let me know what you do come up with, love, etc Ruby