White Trash Wedding Cake by Diane Kurzyna 2002

Ruby Re-Usable kind of regrets that she just did not get it together to make an art cake for the 5th birthday bash at TAM this past Saturday, because it looked like fun. The Tacoma Art Museum was celebrating the 5th anniversary of its beautiful new building by inviting artists to create birthday cakes of the non-edible variety for a one-day display. Ruby did consider revamping her seven foot wedding cake leftover from her White Trash Wedding exhibit but the fake snow coconut frosting might have been against the TAM regulations (no confetti, and keep all materials contained…that fake snow leaves a trail everywhere…, plus it had to stand on a 24″ wide table, and this baby is 4 feet at its widest). She also thought about whipping out some sort of cute yet trashy cupcake, but was still too burnt out from Olympia Arts Walk to attempt to make more art for the public to admire without getting any remuneration for her effort.

TAM 5th bd cake by Jenny Fillius

Anyway, some folks did get it together, including mixed recycled media artist Jenny Fillius, who repurposed gelatin molds, pie tins, game tins, cookie and candy tins, holding it all together with pop rivets, to create this heavy metal cake. See more cake pics HERE and read more about this event HERE

Cakes at Larsen“™s Bakery in Seattle, WA

This art inspired cake, inspired by Gustav Klimt, IS of the edible variety and is on display at Larsen’s Bakery in Seattle, Washington, USA, where Ms. Re-Usable enjoys the hot cross buns and other cardamon flavored treats whenever she is in the Loyal Heights neighborhood.

So, have your cake, and eat it, or not, whatever, enjoy, love, etc Ruby


Recycled Art Cakes at TAM — 5 Comments

  1. Your cake is so fun, what a creation. I hope the opportunity arises for you to show it again in another venue.

  2. Hey Jenny aka Ladybug Circus, I hope so too; the White Trash Wedding cake was the centerpiece one year at a Tacoma Contemporary (TaCo) cake walk fundraiser, so some folks in the City of Destiny have already seen it … maybe someday SOON we will ALL get to have our cakes and show them again somewhere! until then, love, etc Ruby

  3. I may have a good match for the recycled art cake. Check out this chandelier made of two cheap, see-through plastic bowls drilled with scores of tiny holes, and strung with hundreds of clear plastic knives, forks and spoons. Recycled plastic? I’m not sure but an intriguing object. Go to:

    There’s also Dan Steinhilber’s Plastic Bag Chandelier(http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/001001.php).


  4. thanks for the illuminating links, MadSilence!

    we will have to do a post sometime soon about artists that use recycled materials to create chandeliers and lamps and such! until then, love, etc Ruby