Richard C. Elliott/Dick & Jane’s Spot


pic borrowed from Art by Heather

Ruby Re-Usable once visited Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg, WA, but never actually met Dick and Jane.  She had heard and read a lot about them, had seen Richard “Dick” Elliott’s work in Seattle, and always figured that she would visit Ellensburg again and this time get to meet the artists who created this fun and funky recycled folk art-inspired abode.  But we are sad to say that Richard C. Elliott passed away on November 19; read obits HERE  and HERE

2 thoughts on “Richard C. Elliott/Dick & Jane’s Spot”

  1. I went to Ellensburg to see Dick and Jane’s Spot(1987). Couldn’t find it but knew it was across the street from a fire house. So I asked someone on the street where the fire house was and they told me and then said”while you’re there check out the crazy house across the street”. I am sad to hear that Dick passed away. I am sure if I had met him I would have liked him.

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