Art Isn’t Nice: Deborah Lawrence — 13 Comments

  1. P-I art critic Regina Hackett at Art to Go has posted MORE about our hero Deborah Lawrence HERE

    Susan Platt weighs in HERE

    Ken Schram might have given her a Schrammie , but Keith Olberman gave her a shout out yesterday (alas, could not find a link)

  2. Interesting. I didn’t know that the White House reaches out to artists to create ornaments for the nation’s first tree. Something to look into. Never considered “how often do visual artists get recognized at the White House?” Certainly our nation’s capitol is full of art. I like Amy Burnett’s ornament. Also impressed that King County has an Art Commission.
    PS. Just saw your link to the White House Christmas Tree. Cool!

  3. wonder if the future First Lady will invite artists from across the country to create X-mas ornaments again, or if this has been too much controversy?

    wonder what the theme will be, and wonder how they will choose the artists, and still wondering how to get on the invitation list …

  4. AND an article in the Seattle P-I about the ornaments from Washington State that remain on the White House X-mas tree, including Marita Dingus (!) HERE ; no pic of Marita’s X-mas ball in the article, but the story about the ornament by Rep. Dave Reichert’s 35 year old daughter, Angela Mathena, upsets me for so many reasons: first off, why doesn’t that Republican congressman understand that nepotism and cronyism is NOT a good thing — he has a chance to honor an artist from his district and he gives it to his daughter instead, and then she is supposed to be creating an ornament that represents Washington State but makes something that is all about the blood of Christ and other downer Christian symbols (this is supposed to be a Christmas tree, not an Easter tree, get with the merry and Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and ho-ho-ho), and to top it all off, the thing is just pathetically ugly, like an elementary school torn paper mosaic project by an uninspired and untalented student.

  5. found another interesting post about Deborah Lawrence’s ornament, this one linking it to the displays in Washington State’s Capitol Building here in Olympia