Something Old, Something New

Diane Kurzyna, aka Ruby Re-Usable, just finished installing Another White Trash Wedding at the Tacoma Contemporary Urban Art Installation Windows at the old Woolworth’s building in downtown Tacoma, WA.  It is on view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until June 13, 2009.  More info and pics HERE


Playing on the wedding theme, viewers will see something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue: a 7′ tall white trash wedding cake (from 2002), the debut of the life-sized bride and groom made from plastic bags, seated in borrowed plastic chairs that are suspended from the ceiling (a reference to the Jewish wedding tradition of being carried in chairs), and a blue flower girl sitting on a plastic bag cloud underneath a 42′ long decorative chain of crocheted plastic bags and assorted white plastic junk.

Another White Trash Wedding is part of an on-going series exploring the unholy relationship we have with waste.  Utilizing disposable materials such as plastic bags and vegetable netting, the “white trash“ in the title is quite literally referencing the color of the junk that is most abundant in my collection of discards.  It is not only a comment on a society wedded to over consumption but also a celebration of human ingenuity, a call to rethink what we throw away and make use of stuff that we normally overlook.  When ordinary materials such as plastic bags and tape can be transformed into life-sized figures filled with beauty and grace, then truly anything is possible.  Make Art Not Waste!

3 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. I LOVE the white trash wedding. Haven’t we all seen (endlessly) the amount of waste typically generated from one celebration (much less the wedding industry). GREAT WORK, Ruby!!

  2. While looking at your photographs I am amazed by the detail you are able to achieve. I gotta see this in person, it looks fabulous and you must be so pleased.

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