We here at Olympia Dumpster Divers have a special fondness for, well, dumpsters, so today we are joining with other bloggers to share some of our pics and links about decorated dumpsters:

Ruby Re-Usable posts her pics of the painted dumpsters of Olympia HERE


Dreamsjung also takes pics of Olympia’s painted dumpsters; we both post pics in flickr groups like Dumpster Art and Dumpster and Skips and Dumpsters

(In the United Kingdom, dumpsters are referred to as skips)


Leila of Everyday Trash started the idea of Decorative Dumpster Day

Little Shiva designed the logo; check her out at The Visible Trash Society

The MadSilence father/daughter team said they would post some pics of decorated dumpsters, too


Ruby loves perusing Skeletonkrewe’s pics of New Orleans, especially the graffiti and graffitied dumpsters

AVR Is Not Hebert Huncke has a great graffitied dumpster set, too

SO the next time you are down in the dumps(ters), grab a camera and share it with us!



Decorative Dumpster Day — 8 Comments

  1. hey, thanks, you are all awesome, too!

    ps Jenny that last pic of a dumpster (love what you do) was taken near Larsen’s Bakery in the Loyal Heights ‘hood, but I have not found any dumpsters in Seattle as amazing as the Oly dumpsters, but I will continue to look (gotta search Tacoma, too)

  2. Super fun! I couldn’t find any decorative dumpsters on my French travels, can you believe it? I did just post a couple of cool Paris trash cans, though.