Recycled Art in Asbury Park — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my installation. It’s been a great journey to create a piece that has solicited so much interactivity from the community.

    The piece changes almost every day, I’d love to re-post some of your pictures as part of a montage. (attributing you as the photographer of course!) if that’s ok, please tag your flickr’s with “marah fellicce” and I’ll pick them up.

    dust and rocks,

  2. so cool Marah, this really was one of the highlights of my visit (along with the steamers, Jersey corn and tomatoes, old friends and family, oh so many wonderful things that we did and saw and ate and drank and otherwise enjoyed in one short week)

    I was impressed by your initial installation (from the photos that I saw), and the way that the public has been able to interact with it in such a positive (and perhaps, cathartic) way.

    got to go and tag all the pics on flickr, I will be HONORED to have my photos included in your documentation of this project!

    rock on, Make Art Not Waste, Ruby