We here at Olympia Dumpster Divers have always loved Halloween for the creativity that it brings out in everyone:

A steampunk raven for Halloween or any other occasion (via design float blog)

Steampunk Bird by Mullanium

Ruby has been learning how to play the ukulele, so this year she made some Day of the Dead figurines that are made from reused scraps and filled with Aloha spirit:

Ukulele player and Hula dancer calaveras

(see more of Ruby’s Dia de los Muertos figurines HERE)

Costume favorite: Batman made from aluminum beer cans

We giggled at the idea of decorating plastic bread tags (so silly, so fun, and really, what else can you do with them other than throw them away?), saw them on 12 Eco-Friendly Halloween Craft Ideas

more Tips for Recycling: Recycled Halloween Crafts

50+ Tips for a Green Halloween

Happy Trash-free Halloween!


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