Happy Trashoween 2014

Recycled Tin Monsters:

Frankenstein Checks a Text by Jenny Fillius Recycled Tin
Frankenstein Checks a Text by Jenny Fillius Recycled Tin

Trash Fashion Zombies:

Maddie the Rad Recycling Zombie
Maddie the Rad Recycling Zombie is Ruby’s inspiration for her recent recycled art soda tab jewelry

Trash Fashion Skeletons, too:

photo by Amy Neiman via LA Times
photo by Amy Neiman via LA Times
The gown is made from styrofoam cups, paper plates and plastic utensils — reused or repurposed?  We don’t know for sure, but still think this image is trashtastic!

and the Recycled Beer Capped Crusader:

Recycled Beer Capped Crusader Costume (Drinking in the Name of Art!)
Recycled Beer Capped Crusader Costume (Drinking in the Name of Art!)

Happy Trashoween 2014 from Olympia Dumpster Divers!

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Recycle Art: Bremerton, WA

Olympia Dumpster Divers Ruby Re-Usable, Second-hand Sid, and Pat Trashoni went on a junk-finding excursion to Bremerton, WA on Wednesday, looking for potential art supplies and stuff at various thrift stores (we particularly love the St  Vinnie’s on Callow).  We also went to admire the work of Bremerton artist David Ryan, who created an homage to the old Manette Bridge out of 7,000+ bottle caps hammered onto plywood.  Ruby had read an article about David’s mural (New Bremerton Art: Bridge in Beer Bottle Caps) and was anxious to see it in person.  First we stopped at Fritz Fries because Sid had a hankering for fish and chips; David Ryan also has his stenciled records hanging on the wall there:

David Ryan stencils on LPs at Fritz Fries

The bottle cap Manette Bridge mural at Der Blokken Brewery is hung above the doorway to the kitchen, which is a shame, because it is a bit difficult to view since it is up so high.

Manette Bridge Bottle Cap Mural by David Ryan

But it really is a trashtastic piece, and we really enjoyed ourselves at the brewery, sampling seven different kinds of beer on tap, which was good but we then we didn’t get any bottle caps to take home!  Read more about the making of the Manette Bridge bottle cap mural HERE

November Recycled Art Rabbit


This month’s recycled art rabbit was purchased at a vintage junk shop in Tacoma.  The story told is that it was made by the Danes of Tacoma (hence the Carlsberg beer bottle caps).  We think the umbrella and walking stick make it a very Pacific Northwest rabbit, and especially appropriate for November.  Lave kunst ikke affald!