Happy 4th BD to ODD!

Olympia Dumpster Divers is officially four today.  Here are some highlights from the past 4 Julys:


This blog was started on July 13, 2006 as a way to document my project, Ephemeral Folks, which was happening around Olympia that summer as part of the City of Olympia’s HERE TODAY temporary art installations.


In July of 2007, I participated in the artists in action for Art on the Ave in Tacoma, where festival participants were invited to engage with my art by taking one of four figures for a stroll around the fair (see pics/more info HERE)


If you have not been to visit Rich Art’s Art Yard in Centralia, WA, you should.  Why?  Read my July 2008 post about it HERE

Not only did I visit Rich Art again in July 2009, but I also met Jane of Dick and Jane’s Spot in Ellensburg, WA, too.  (see all of my Rich Art pics HERE)

IF you want to send Happy Blog Day wishes, mail them to Ruby Re-Usable at Cast Off Art Lab, 416 Washington St SE suite 201, Olympia, WA 98501


Happy 3rd Birthday to Olympia Dumpster Divers


Ruby Re-Usable has been blogging about This Re-Usable Life since July 13, 2006.  Olympia Dumpster Divers was originally started as a way to document Ruby’s “HERE TODAY” City of Olympia downtown temporary art installation project, Ephemeral Folks, which featured four transitory life-sized figures made from unwanted plastic wrap (courtesy of the Olympia Food Co-op), reused bubble wrap from downtown businesses, and tape.  More about Ruby Re-Usable’s project HERE


July 13 is also the birthday of our friend and recycled art heroine, Marita Dingus.  Marita continues to inspire Ruby and other artists with her fearless use of materials as well as her amazing  energy to create work that resonates with the human struggle of existance while celebrating the beauty and mystery of life.  More Marita Dingus HERE

Ruby went on her pre-birthday celebration excursion this past weekend, where she had a magical time exploring some amazing and wonderful places in Washington and Oregon, including Dick and Jane’s Spot, St John the Forerunner Greek Orthodox Monastery Cafe, Maryhill Museum and the Stonehenge replica, Bonneville Hot Springs Resort, various waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, and Rich Art’s Art Yard ; check out her flickr pics HERE


ps Ruby Re-Usable’s real birthday is coming up soon, so if you want to send her birthday wishes via post, mail them to: Ruby Re-Usable, 416 Washington St SE suite 201, Olympia, WA, 98501 USA

Olympia Dumpster Divers 2nd Birthday

The Explorer by Diane Kurzyna

Today is the official 2nd birthday of Olympia Dumpster Divers. Ruby Re-Usable started this blog originally as a way to document her HERE TODAY 2006 temporary art installations that were commissioned by the City of Olympia, because there was simply no other way to communicate with the public about where these figures would appear as they roamed downtown Olympia in sometimes planned and sometimes spontaneous locations. Blogging also became a way to document the project, and hence, ODD was born.

And now we continue to blog about our experiences with recycled art: at Cast Off Art Lab, in Olympia, in the Pacific Northwest, in the USA and around the world, searching for information and inspiration and attempting to document the unsung and under appreciated and less well known, as well as the usual list of suspects. Make Art Not Waste remains our motto.

ODD’s first post was a birthday salute to the Queen of Recycled Art, her majesty Marita Dingus. We can not wait to show you this year’s birthday art trade (Marita and Ruby are both Cancers), we promise to keep you posted.

Last year at this time we were blogging about Ruby Re-Usable’s public participation art installation at Art On the AVE in Tacoma, as well as giving a shout out to our favorite trash blog, Everyday Trash, which will also turn 2 soon. And by some trashy synchronicity, the Visible Trash Society celebrates its one year anniversary on July 13!

Today we want to thank our web mistress, the wonderful Laurel of Lilthea Designs, who helped us get started and keeps us going. Our goals for this year are to finally get an artistic header and otherwise spiff up this basic blog, you know, grow up a little more, so stay tuned.

Oh, and if you feel like sending birthday wishes via post (Ruby is turning 50, hint hint):

Ruby Re-Usable

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2nd Birthday: 2 chicks on a cupcake

Tape People

Jason “enpen” Taellious has created a slide show for Ruby Re-Usable’s HERE TODAY project, which you can view here. Meet the models for the tape sculptures, and see downtown Olympia through an artist’s eyes; more about HERE TODAY here.

Tape Sculpture in Olympia, WA by Diane Kurzyna, 2006

Ms Re-Usable is not the only artist to practice the fine art of tape sculpture; Mark Jenkins is the god of tape sculpture around the world, and there are others who create with tape and leave them outside for the delight of unsuspecting passers-by here in Olympia:

Tape Sculpture Legs in Olympia, WA

Gone Tomorrow

explorer1.jpg The HERE TODAY explorer6.jpg

project finished on Friday: the Explorer sat reading in front of Doria’s and had sodas and coffee with various passersby.


Meanwhile, the Dreamer observerroom301.jpgdreamed at thepainted plate21.jpg Painted Plate and the Observer observed in the window of Room 30 . Jenny Rose asked if the Observer could stay a little longer, and I would have loved to have left her there, but the project needed to end on September 15!

studio22.jpgThe Actor actually fell onto the awning below my studio and I had to lean way out of the window and hook her with the pole that is used to open the skylight; Jerry Neal helped me fish her back in, wish I had photos and/or a video of that process!

Devon Damonte sent me a pic of Olympia Film Fest director Amy Yockey and the Actor upactordevon2.jpg on the marquee of the Capitol Theatre. He titled it “Festival Director Arrested in Sting Operation for Impersonating Plastic Public Art.”

I had been hoping that more folks would send me photos, oh well. 14.JPGI did get a photo of fearless Eric Fleming: artist, teacher, surfer and brave Marquee Master, taking the Actor down from the marquee on Tuesday night after our library talk/during Devon’s Marquee Movies, which was really cool. 28.JPGPeople walking down 5th AV got quite the treat: while the street was closed to cars, they got to scratch and draw and color on film to create their own mini-movie, which was then projected on the wind-damaged east marquee, which was covered with a special screen, sewn by Lisa Strange for this project.

actoron marquee1.jpg

Colleen S. actoralley2.jpghelped me take some pictures at the Free Wallactoralley4.jpg in the alley behind the Capitol Theatre and my studio. One of the painters on lunch break volunteered to help, he wanted to take her up on the scaffolding he was working on, but I declined since the project was over and it was time to take her and the rest of the crew home.


almost done

The HERE TODAY project ends tomorrow. I had not really thought about how my project ends…until now.

The Observer has been in the window of Room 30 e.JPGsince painted plate3.jpgTuesday. On Wednesday the Dreamer (sans the blobby thing that she was holding in her hand when she was at the Farmers’ Market Garden), showed up two doors down in the window of the Painted Plate, which is part of the Capitol Theatre Building.

Today the Actor studio4.jpgappeared sitting on the window ledge of Castoff Art Studio, which is on the second floor of the Capitol Theatre Building (above the Painted Plate). Tomorrow the Explorer will sit on the cafe chairs on Washington Street, in front of Doria’s and/or The Painted Plate. The idea is that for one moment all of the figures will be in close proximity of each other: they will all be on Washington Street SE between 4th AV and 5th AV.

And then? And then they will return from whence they came, which is my art studio.

Some of them will be heading north on Saturday for a photo shoot at the Seattle Re-Store, where I am working on the 5th Annual Recycled Art Show (October 14 – November 14). More information about that project soon!


The marquee4.jpgActor is now appearing marquee3.jpgon the marquee of the Capitol Theatre, while the Observer is sitting in the window of the Poppin Jay.  I will have to go back at night to get some photos; we placed the figure up there at 9 a.m. when it was still grey and overcast, but I went back at noon to take these photos.  It is such a fascinating, beautiful old building; I wish there was more respect for historic buildings.

The Actor


The Actor started actor101.jpghaunting the actor24.jpgCapitol Theatre on Tuesday, 9/5, and will hang around until 9/15, sitting up on the west marquee this weekend and otherwise keeping busy.  Brave marquee master Eric Fleming will be placing her up and taking her down; there will also be Devon Damonte’s “Marquee Movies” happening on the east marquee, 9/9 – 9/12, and we will all be at the Olympia Public Library on Tuesday evening, 9/12, to talk about our “Here Today” temporary art installations.

Trudes Tango was the trudes21.jpgmodel for the Actor; Itrudes41.jpg wrapped her up at her home over the course of two evenings.  I am getting faster at wrapping people, but it still takes me some time to stuff the figures and re-tape them, I think it must take me 10 – 12 hours per figure, not including the time it takes to beg for bubble wrap from the downtown businesses, I know it would be easier to just buy new bubblewrap, but that is not the point!

I don’t know actor231.jpgwhat the OFS volunteers,actor61.jpg patrons, and passersby think of her yet, but we had fun finding places around the theatre for the Actor to sit.  I also intend to place the Actor in some of the businesses that are in the Capitol Theatre Building (including Castoff Art Studio, which is where I usually work on my art projects).

The Observer has observerbp21.jpgbeen havingobserverbp41.jpg coffee at the Bread Peddler since Tuesday, 9/5, and will be moving tomorrow to the Poppin Jay, where she will sit until 9/11; on 9/12 she will be at Room 30.