Recycled Art Installation: Fabled Grove — 2 Comments

  1. Here today, gone tomorrow?
    I love Larissa’s trees, mere whimsy, or is there something more to a sacred grove of paper dogwoods composed of the wisdom contained in recycled books, made from paper, made from trees? As always, a pleasure.

  2. The City of 0lympia commissions artists ($1,000 – $1,500, including materials and labor) to create temporary art work downtown (there are various guidelines, like historical relevance, that the artists are encouraged to consider). This is the 3rd time for “Here Today” (Ms. Re-Usable participated in HERE TODAY 2006)

    This site was chosen by the artist because it was the site of an artesian well, free flowing until the City of 0 tore down the existing building and capped the well (it could have been a great site for a community artesian well park, which is something the community has been clamoring for — currently, folks gather their well water on a privately owned parking lot). Flower seeds have also been (secretly) spread. Will art blossom amidst the rubble?